Director’s Career – Satoru Komori [2] –

As a professional automobile advertisement photographer, Satoru Komori’s clients firms in Japan were TOYOTA Motor Corporation, MITSUBISHI Motors Corporation, HONDA Motor Co., Ltd, MAZDA Motor Corporation, DaimlerBentz Japan, NISSAN Motor Co., Ltd, etc.
All of these automobile companies have been launching in abroad also, they are international famous companies.

And, as a professional advertisement director, his clients firms in Japan were DENTSU Inc., Hakuhodo Inc., ASATSU-DK Inc., Delphys Inc. etc.
DENTSU, HAKUHODO and ASATSU-DK are Top 3 advertising agency in Japan, DENTSU Group is ranked as 5th place among the world top advertising agencies. Delays is an advertisement agency under the direct management of TOYOTA Motor Corporation.