Director’s Career – Haruka Ito [2] –

Since September 1989, Haruka Ito started to learn Changquan(long fist style) among Wushu(Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese Martial Arts) from Master Zhang Xian Ming. Master Zhang was a professional Wushu athlete of Beijing Wushu Team in 1980’s, All China Champion by Duilian(dual event), All China 2nd Place by Baguazhang event and All China 4th Place by Qiangshu(Spearplay) etc, he was selected as one of Wuyingji athlete(Best level group’s athlete title) in 1980’s.

*Wuyingji on Wikipedia (Japanese language)武英級

*Wuyingji on Baidu

Haruka Ito had received his instruction and coaching during September 1989 – March 1992.
It was worthy to encounter Chinese Wushu through Master Zhang.

Performance video of Master Zhang Xian Ming