Works in December 2015

Satoru Komori has done photo retouching works for his old Italian friend. This order has come from Italy. Original photos were not suitable for advertising purpose, however Komori has made them to perfectly suitable for the main purpose by only 2.5 hours.

Client: Komori’s old friend appreciated his excellent professional work very much, these photos would be used for this client’s promotion as musician.

Satoru Komori has 25 years job experience of photo retouching works as professional.

Director’s Career – Haruka Ito [1] –

AINA BP Founder and Director Haruka Ito’s life and career were full of variety of genre and field in working.
When Haruka Ito was a senior high school student, she wanted to become action actress, therefore she had attended classes of acting lessons since last six months of last grade(12th Grade) of senior high school.
After her graduation of senior high school, she had attended a few times of acting classes in Tokyo also, however she shifted to General working life. The reason was, she wanted to become actress with action, general actress was not her main dream, that’s why.

Meanwhile, her working experience jobs are as below.
1. Editorial staff at tourism guidebook publishing company
2. Shop stuff at public transportation station
3. Proofreading stuff at printing company

Regarding proofreading, she had learned this skill by distance learning since before she had joined proofreading works. She has strong interested with publishing and editorial works, this interest made her to learn about this very much.