Director’s Career – Satoru Komori [1] –

AINA BP Founder and Director Satoru Komori’s one of the main career is Automobile Advertisement Photography. Only high-grade exceedingly level’s photographer are allow to do this duty in this field, therefore the number of automobile advertisement photographers is about 100 only across the whole world.
Satoru Komori’s level is in this Top 50 photographers.

Satoru Komori’s career as photographer started in 1977, since directly before his graduation from Tokyo Photography Institute(Retitled as “Institute of Tokyo Visual Arts(専門学校東京ビジュアルアーツ)” in 1993″.).
His first job as photographer assistant in his career was HONDA Motors advertisement, he had obtained this opportunity by his own efforts only. In the beginning of 1978, his job had already become regularisation since before his graduation from institute.

*Institute of Tokyo Visual Arts(専門学校東京ビジュアルアーツ) on Wikipedia (Japanese)専門学校東京ビジュアルアーツ

*Institute of Tokyo Visual Arts(専門学校東京ビジュアルアーツ) Official Website (English)

Since then, he had continued this automobile advertisement photography during 30 & several years.

Director’s Bio – Haruka Ito [1] –

AINA BP Founder and Director Haruka Ito was born in Iwamizawa City, Hokkaido, Japan.
Her family lineage in Japan were in timber business and educational occupation. Her grandfather in her father’s side of family did timber business. Her grandparents in her mother’s side of family were both school teachers, grandfather served out 50 years of his time and grandmother server out 10 years of her time.
Grandmother in her mother’s side family of Haruka Ito was a member of Hokkaido Poet Association while grandmother was alive. She had published a book by self-publishing, which story is about her mother, i.e. great-grandmother of Haruka Ito.

When she was 2 years old, her family moved to Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan. She had grown up in Sapporo.
Since she was a little child, she was a mischievous girl, by reason of she had a full of intellectual curiosity.

Director’s Bio – Satoru Komori [1] –

AINA BP Founder and Director Satoru Komori was born in Yokohama City, Japan.
His family lineage in Japan had started from Swordsmith profession, his father was mechanic at Nakajima Aircraft Company(中島飛行機株式会社) during World War 2 and his mother was assembling worker of fighter aircraft at Army Aviation Arsenal(陸軍航空工廠) during also World War 2. His grandfather was account staff for Showa Aircraft Industry(昭和飛行機工業株式会社), if grandfather did not quit earlier, grandfather must be able to became executives of that company later…

Nakajima Aircraft Company was the biggest aircraft company among all Orient region until World War 2 was over.

*Nakajima Aircraft Company on Wikipedia

*Showa Aircraft Industry on Wikipedia

*Army Aviation Arsenal on Wikipedia(Japanese)立川陸軍航空工廠
This was aviation facility base of Imperial Japanese Army during 1940-1945.

This means, Satoru Komori’s DNA has come from engineer and mechanic blood relationship, like that.
Since he was a little child, he had loved to have learning motivation on anything, he wanted to make various items by himself.

He was a mischievous boy, by reason of he had a full of intellectual curiosity, therefore he had wanted to try many kinds of things.