The Past Proves The Present [2]

As I’ve mentioned, the idea of “The World’s Smallest Arduino PRO Compatible: Chobi” is not just current idea.
This video proves that planner of this: Satoru Komori(AINA BP Director) thought of Arduino works, this video was uploaded on March 6th, 2011. It is directly before East-Japan Earthquakes Disasters & Fukushima Nuclear Plant Disasters on March 11 & 12 in 2011, Since long time before, one of his hobby is electronics handicraft.

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The Past Proves The Present

Currently, campaign of Chobi Design Japan(our new firm to proceed some projects) has been running on crowd funding website: IndieGoGo.

Although it looks like just the present idea, this kind of idea has been in the mind of Satoru Komori, Director of us: AINA BP. This kind of idea has been in his mind since 2011, he had just missed to launch its idea by reason of 2011’s heavy disasters of earthquakes and nuclear plants disasters

Now, he is trying to proceed and trying to go forward by this kind of idea etc.
We really welcome your support to us.

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Press Release on CrowdfundingPR

The press release of our crowdfunding campaign:”Ultra Compact Arduino Compatible: CHOBI” was introduced on CrowdfundingPR website.

This ‘Chobi’ board is the world’s smallest size Arduino compatible, please get it as the early adopter in the world.
We really appreciate your support, your support will make the next stage of Arduino’s size.


Notice of Crowd Funding Project

Directors of AINA BP has started to unite a group which propose/produce/promote unique and fun ideas/products/services from Japan to the world, this group’s name is ‘Chobi Design Japan’.
Now, Chobi Design Japan promotes one product, a project on crowd funding website is ongoing, the products is concerning Arduino.

The following URL is project page link to crowd funding website. Please check it out.

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